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What do you get in this amazing pack?

  • An happening marketing activity for your website every month

  • Anytime free consultation about SEO questions you have about your website.
    How does the FREE consultation work?

  • An instant BONUS of a powerful Classifieds Script [ worth $400 ]!

How does this work?

At the beginning of every month,  experts pick a HOT and HAPPENING marketing activity and do it for your site . This activity will for sure give your website tremendous value with search rankings, Social traffic, Fans, Visitors, Branding etc.

Normally, Each of these activities done will easily cost > $99!

This page will be constantly updated with the upcoming months activity. Every month you will be contacted by experts to start that months activity. Once completed you will be getting a complete end-to-end report on the work done.

Just $18 p.m

Why a new strategy every month ?


Activities done so far:

* March 2016 Activity :

Your site on TOP of Google instantly with incredible PRESS RELEASES!

  • A amazing Press release written by experts and optimized for 4 of your Keywords.

  • Press release submitted to premium PR sites like SB WIRE, PR BUZZ, MyPRGenie, PressDoc

  • Press release appears in 25 other Press release sites (Valuable back links)

  • Guaranteed indexing in Google News on TOP for given Keywords.

* Feb 2016 Activity:

WIKI backlinks is what your site needs to BOOST its authority!

  • 300 Social Bookmarks for your website

  • 5000+ wiki backlinks (all optimized for Penguin and submitted manually)

  • Your anchor text will be spun and a natural linking will be done via. use of “Naked URL” & “Generic” anchors . This style of linking involves lot of manual labor and you will not find it done anywhere on the web.

* Jan 2016 Activity:

Mass syndication, quality traffic & natural back links from Aggregators and Document sharing sites!

  • Your website RSS feed will be submitted to 100+ RSS Aggregators using enterprise tools. Once done every single post you make on your site will receive High PR Auto Backlinks and Potential Traffic.

  • Your site will be given high quality contextual links in documents (complete with images) and will be syndicated to all the high PR document hosting sites on the web manually.

* December 2015 Activity:

Content Marketing Via. Document Sharing Sites

Did you know?

Via. having your content as slides in document sharing sites (SlideShare, Docstoc etc.) you get these un-fair advantages:

  • Document sharing sites rank easily for competitive keywords. Having a page in these sites can get you an avalanche of traffic.

  • Links in the slides are given great importance by search engines.

  • Millions of people share slides from these sites every day, giving you TONs of referral traffic!

In this incredible & powerful activity, our experts will upload slides about your website/business on top 25+ document sharing sites including docstoc, slideshares, scribd etc.

* November 2015 Activity :

Video Marketing :

Video is one element that keeps the web active. Stats say 7 out 10 users watch video online every second!

In this amazing activity, we will manually upload a video about your Mobile app / website to top 40 video sharing sites. Having your brand video on these video sharing sites will:

  • Rank your video easily on the top of Google search for targeted keywords.

  • Get viewership from a wide range of audience who search for videos in sites like Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo etc.

* October :

Your site on TOP of Google instantly with incredible PRESS RELEASES!

  • A amazing Press release written by experts and optimized for 4 of your Keywords.

  • Press release submitted to premium PR sites like SB WIRE, PR BUZZ, MyPRGenie, PressDoc

  • Press release appears in 25 other Press release sites (Valuable back links)

  • Guaranteed indexing in Google News on TOP for given Keywords.

* September :

Health check and SEO review for your website.

However good a house is – the basement needs to be strong. Similarly – your website needs a good Health check by experts before you invest time & money in marketing it – or else you may loose out big time with your competitors on all those valuable SEARCH traffic.

In this months activity , You will receive a report highlighting any issues (coding, broken links, Schema, Open Graph and more), SEO improvements (on- and off-site),  future suggestions and an overall “Health Check” to make sure your site is performing  as it should and isn’t failing in ways you might not see.

We will check your website from the view of potential customers and search engines to give you a unique and comprehensive report of improvements.

We will use a combination of expert knowledge covering SEO, coding and marketing techniques as well as “trade secret” tools to ensure your website is checked from every potential angle and achieve the best possible rates for visitor to customer conversions.

You will receive a PDF which not only lists any errors or issues, but also an explanation as to what you should be doing and what can be done in order to improve how your site is performing.

( Or )

If you have a mobile app, we will do a mobile app marketing service : Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites like Digg , Stumbleupon , Reddit etc. are the destinations where a big chunk of web users hang around . Your app will be submitted to 600+ Social bookmarking sites with title and description  . This is done to create a social BUZZ for your app and to increase footprints and downloads .

* August :

An article in a PR 4 Blog in your business vertical with back-links for your target keywords.

The advantage you get out of this article is self explanatory. The top 3 benefits are:

  • Back-link for your target keyword from a PR4 page.

  • An amazing article that speaks about your Business (can act as a solid testimony when people search your businesses credibility online)

  • This blog can easily send you valuable referral traffic via. Search and direct users.

* July :

Targeted traffic to your website via. Growth hacking techniques

Getting good traffic has always been the holy grail for webmasters & site owners. We would like to address this issue a bit in this months activity. Here is what you will get in this:

  • We will send your website 2600 targeted organic visitors  (Mostly via. search).

  • This traffic will also boost your websites search rankings.

  • You can see the traffic on your Google analytics.

Note:  Since this is an organic growth hacking technique, you will be seeing the traffic through 2 months . You will see 60+ visitors daily for the next 45 days.

* June :

We will write / submit and get an Article approved in Ezine Articles

We all know what Ezine article is and also how much of a tough nut it is to crack!  Like Wikipedia it is a challenge to get an Article with backlinks to your website approved in Ezine Articles. Why?  Pages in Ezine articles are given top most importance in search engines. Getting a Page up in Ezine can easily shoot it up in search engines for the target keywords. The benefits are:

  • Valuable Link juice: A link for your keyword in a related Ezine article is of  real value. The link juice that gets passed to your site can make miracles happen.

  • Referral traffic: As the Ezine article page itself raises up in search results, your site will see a steady increase in referral traffic as people come to your site via. the link present in the Ezine article page of yours.

In this activity Ezine experts will create a dedicated page for you in this incredible article directory (by writing an article for your niche) and get it approved. The page will also have backlinks for your keyword leading back to your site.

* May :

We will write and publish a beautiful Squidoo lens, to promote your business online

Its a known factor on how much importance Search engines give for pages in Squidoo (called as Lenses). Having a Squidoo lens for your website can be considered one of the most reputed and impactful thing on the web. Apart from passing valuable link juice to your website for the target keywords, a Squidoo lens can also drive a lot of referral traffic and increase your online vicinity and reputation.

All lenses in Squidoo are linked to tag pages, which are in turn linked back to all the lenses that use the same tag. Through this process you get high PR for your Squidoo page because different users link to your page by tagging it.

In this activity Online marketers will

  • Create 1 beautiful Squidoo lens for your business / website.

  • It will have related pictures, Catch phrases, Survey, Guestbook and back-links to your website for target keywords.

* April :

Increase your search traffic by having pages in Document sharing sites.

Document sharing sites like Scribd, Slide Share etc. are highly respected by Google. Search engines have separate provisions for Document sharing sites in their rankings.

  • An article will be written for your Keyword Niche.

  • This article will be posted to 20+ HIGH PR document sharing sites from a POWER USER account.

  • Contextual links will be present in the document for your keyword

  • Each URL will be manually submitted using a PRO LINKLICIOUS account.

Just $18 p.m



How does this service work?

It is a month on month subscription for $18 every month. Internet marketing experts with more than 10+ years of experience will choose a happening and required activity of the month and do it for your site. Once its done you will be supplied with complete reports on the work done.

What sort of Marketing activities are done?

All sort of activities that can boost your Websites presence and increase targeted traffic are considered every month. It ranges from cutting edge SEO, Social media marketing, Press releases, Email Marketing, Youtube exposure, Increasing Fan base etc.

How does the FREE consultation work?

As mentioned you also get 1 hour of FREE consultation every month from Internet marketing experts. Once you subscribe the entire details and process in which the consultation will be provided will be sent to you.


For just

$18 p.m

  • 1 New Marketing activity for your site / app every month.

  • Detailed reports on the activity & results.

  • FREE marketing consultation with our experts.

  • BONUS: a powerful Classifieds App Script [ worth $400 ]

Celebrated by 1750+ happy customers !

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